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janisjoplin,0 The Top 5 Women in Rock! (in my opinion)

You may or may not agree with this list (I’m kind of a rock and roll type guy), but you can be expecting me to give you more lists in the future…and then at the end of the year, I’ll do the Top 10 of all the lists of 2010…or maybe not:)  Here is an unofficial list of the Top 5 Women That Rock and this list encompasses…

 the last 4-5 decades:

#5 Wendy O. Williams

this girl roxx!

WOW! Is it a coincidence that those are her initials? Well, that is her real name and it is the only way to describe Wendy Orlean Williams, aka The Queen of Shock. This is not a girl you’d want to bring home to meet your mother. Wendy is one outrageous chick, and was fearless onstage, which often led to controversy. WOW!

#4 Joan Jett


Joan Jett co-fronted the often maligned and little respected mid 70s girl group The Runaways. But Joan proved to be more than a member of some lame novelty act when she achieved stardom after leaving them in 1979 to start her own band The Blackhearts…heard of em?  🙂

#3 Chrissie Hynde

she roxx!

As a big fan of 60s British pop and later inspired by punk and protopunk legends such as, the Pistols, the Clash, VU, and the Stooges, Chrissie moved to London from her native Ohio in the early 70s.  The Pretenders were more than a punk band, as she and the boys blended her sultry vocal style with straight-ahead rocking. Unfortunately the band experienced some key personnel losses due to drug problems and overdoses (her 1982 hit Back on the Chain Gang is a tribute to fallen guitarist James Honeyman-Scott)

#2 Patti Smith

she roxx!

Patti was a regular performer at the famed CBGB’s during the burgeoning punk rock scene in mid 70’s New York City, and in fact is often referred to as the “Godmother of Punk”. Her voice has a haunting quality to it as it crescendos and falls while delivering her often convoluted and seemingly free-form lyrics. She suffered a near-fatal accident in 1977 during a concert, falling off the stage and breaking her neck, but came back in 1978 with her most commercially successful album, Easter.

#1 Janis Joplin

she roxx the hardest!

Every performance that Janis gave was pure raw emotion.  Her hard drinking and partying lifestyle actually disguised a shy and vulnerable side to her personality, as she was somewhat of an outcast and socially awkward as a child growing up in the small Texas town of Port Arthur. She immersed herself in blues and folk music as a teen and left for San Francisco in 1963.  Janis went solo shortly thereafter and recorded another two commercially successful albums but died of a heroin overdose on Oct 4, 1970, just before the release of Pearl. Posthumously, the single Me and Bobby McGee went to number one.  and on this list…so did she:)

Feel free to submit your Top 5 Women that rock so we can compare 🙂  Just leave your comments below…

Eric Kane

Comments (5)
  1. Nina Elliott says:

    Melissa Etheridge!!! She’s amazing and has to be a part of this!

  2. darylbecker says:

    Nice post…I would have included Stevie Nicks and Grace Slick in the list over Wendy and Chrissie, just my two cents.

    1. kezkeric says:

      You’re absolutely right! I just wanted to bring a different style to the Top 5… 🙂 thnx for the comment!

  3. Cinda Ben-Avi says:

    Chrissie bleeds talent. I just heard her play with her new band and her voice remains spellbounding.

  4. cindy rogers says:

    Janis, definitely #1, but Joan is a close second. Jett continues to amaze, still rockin’ out like it was 1975! She truly is, the Female Chuck Berry, and the Queen of Rock N Roll!!!

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