good sit Who Listens Better?  Family Dog or Family Husband?

According to an survey, 1/3rd of pet owning women think their pets are better listeners than their husband or significant other.  Conversely only 18% of married men said their pets are better listeners than their wives (at least thats what they say in public).  And what do men and women talk to their pets about, and why?  Check it out here…

Most women “just vent” about their husband.  And typically(?) men talk to their pets about their wives.  Small world, isn’t it? Women want to just air it out without their husband trying to “solve the problem”.  Men talk because they know their pet won’t verbally express any opinion they may have.  Both sides get the unconditional support they want from their pets – no questions asked.

  1. DancinInTheDark says:

    I agree. Pets really are better listeners than people are. I can tell my dog anything and she won’t judge me or anything.

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