“Community” Returns For Second Season Tonight

Alison Brie and Ed Goodman

Alison Brie who plays Annie Edison in the hit series “Community” and Trudy Campbell in another hit series “Mad Men“.  She was supposed to talk with Ed about the upcoming 2nd season on “Community” whats new and fun to look for, whats in store for the crew at Sterling Cooper on “Mad Men” and how does she jump back and forth between two really different roles among other things.  At the good ole “last minute” though, a  “scheduling” conflict on the set of “Community” arose and she had to cancel.  She promised to reschedule as soon as possible.  I hope she does.  In the meantime – because we like her work – here’s a little montage from both shows.

Here’s a montage from “Community”

And her famous, fun dance scene from “Mad Men”

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