masterlogo The Battle of the Bulge: Danas Weigh In Day

At age 42, I am sick of losing the same 20 pounds over and over again. My goal is to get rid of the 20 pounds ONCE AND FOR ALL. No yo-yo dieting.   I have been on the program at Balanced Care Life Enhancement for a week now.  Dr. Baalmann and Weight Loss Coordinator Carrie Keller have placed me on the Medifast regimen. I returned  yesterday for my weekly check- in.  Keep reading to find out about my results! 

When I got to Carrie’s office, I eagerly stepped on the “In Body 520″body composition analyzer.   Since when am I EAGER to weigh?  :) 

The In Body 520 is the ultimate tool for weight loss…it tells you not only your weight, but your amount of lean muscle, your percentage of body fat, your level of hydration, and even the lean muscle percentage of different parts of your body, like your arms, legs, and trunk. It is then able to calculate your resting metabolic rate, which helps you to know how many calories you need to maintain your weight. On my first visit, I learned that my muscle composition is very good…even above normal in some areas. But my body fat is too high, and I need to lose weight to get into the healthy range on the Body Mass Index.

So, I’m standing on the “In Body 520” and it is doing the measurements. It even plays a happy little tune while it fills in the info on the screen! The weight pops up and I am down 5.5 pounds!!    I lost 5.5 pounds!!!!! In one week!  Carrie took an in-depth look at my print-out, and noticed that I lost a little muscle mass, so she tells me I need to eat more protein. 

The Medifast program is super-easy to follow for a busy Mom like me. Basically, I have three shakes and two bars a day, and then a regular meal in the evening consisting of lean protein and vegetables. There are also soups, and oatmeal that you can substitute for the shakes, and free snacks every day.

Really, the best part is the consultation with Carrie. She has been through her own struggles with weight and has overcome obesity to become a marathon runner!!  What an inspiration.  My two meetings with her so far have really made me think about the reasons for my eating habits. In all my years of dieting, I never bothered to really seek out WHY I keep gaining that 20 pounds back!  🙂

So…5.5 pounds gone…onward and upward for another great week. I need to come up with something really cool to do when I hit my weight loss goal. Anybody got any ideas?  (Non-food rewards please!!)  lol!        

This is a sponsored post.  KEZK has received compensation from the business being mentioned. 


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