masterlogo1 Cupcakes and Christmas Cookies: Diet FAIL!

We all know how difficult is is to watch your diet during the holidays. I did really great through Thanksgiving and I was on track to make it through the “food-fest” of Christmas pretty much unscathed. But then, life got hectic, I got stressed out, and suddenly I’m out of control. Read on for the weight-loss update…1155519 cupcakes Cupcakes and Christmas Cookies: Diet FAIL!This is what started my collapse. A simple little cupcake.  🙂

As soon as I ate it, I felt guilty and the old patterns came back: eat something ’bad’, then make up for it by starving myself for a couple of days. As my stress level grew, I ‘forgot’ to exercise, too. I was feeling overwhelmed, and cranky.

I was really looking forward to seeing Carrie, my Health Coach at Balanced Care Life Enhancement. I was really down and feeling lousy because I hadn’t stuck to the plan. Visiting with her always puts me at ease and helps me get everything back into perspective. For instance, she reminded me that “it’s only food.” I still tend to see foods as “bad” or “good” and put too much pressure on myself. I am also learning that when my self-esteem is down, I tend to overeat. That negative voice in my head goes into overdrive, and I start thinking stuff like, “You are not any good anyway, so you may as well eat what you want. No one cares.”  

Carrie is helping to realize these dangerous patterns. And most importantly, I am slowly learning to silence (or ignore) the negative voice in my head.

And now for the good news…the InBody machine showed that I STILL lost .2 pounds of fat. I did gain a little muscle, but that’s ok…it will only help me in the long run.    

I am back on track and utilizing the Medifast plan. Carrie helped me adjust my intake slightly…less shakes and more bars, because the bars ROCK. They are really yummy. Especially the Strawberry Crunch ones. I am looking forward to a 2 or 3 pound weight loss for my next consultation.

I hope that by sharing what’s going on in my head, you can see how much Balanced Care Life Enhancement can change your life! Remember, it’s a a physician-supervised way to get lean and healthy. If you are ready for a fresh start in the New Year,  and you want to stop the unhealthy yo-yo dieting, please look into how Balanced Care Life Enhancement can help. All of your questions can be answered on their website:

Most importantly, here’s hoping you have a great Holiday celebration with family and friends!!  Remember…”it’s only food.”    🙂

This is a sponsored post.  KEZK has received compensation from the business being mentioned.


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