christina aguilera 6 240 By The Dawns Early Bright?

Personally, I think Roseanne owes a thank you card to Christina Aguilera…

For years Ms Barr ( or whatever she goes by now; The artist formerly known as Roseanne) has been dogged by her rendition of the Natl. Anthem saying it was disrespectful. Awful as it was, at least she got the words right. Looking back, I’m shocked that anyone expected her to be anyone but Roseanne. It’s like when people scream about how Chris Rock behaved hosting an awards show. He was being Chris Rock; what did you expect?

I can see how nerves might come into play, especially when you know millions of people are watching you. But Christina is a woman that has been performing sold out shows for some time. I can also excuse mixing up some of the lyrics.. but the word “reaming” is nowhere to be found in the song. You won’t find it in “My Country Tis of Thee” or “God Bless the USA” either.

Personally I have long found Miss Aguilera to be quite a wonderful talent, but sadly as of late, she seems to have drank from the well of  ”I should dress and act half my age”.  I’m sorry, but if you’re over 15 and you’re not Elvira, you probably shouldn’t have black fingernail polish.  It’s kind of like when I slip on my 1980 concert tee shirts (which I do). It’s not that it looks bad, it just seems like we’re trying to fool people.

How about this; the Super Bowl budget is several million dollars. How about splurging for a teleprompter? That way the artist can focus on appropriate attire and be assured that they may miss the notes, but not the lyrics. And we can go back to whining about important stuff like “what was your favorite Super Bowl commercial”?


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