8044 5character std crop 72dpi Whats That Song?... Honda Civic Ads

2011 Honda Civic/ RPA

One of the coolest ad campaigns we’ve seen on TV recently is the Honda Civic “To Each Their Own” series. These are the ads featuring some crazy characters including a Champion Luchador, a ninja, a zombie, a woodsman and a weird little monster each going on a mini-adventure in a Honda Civic that suits their lifestyle. The songs featured in each commercial are super-catchy tunes that get stuck in your head instantly, but who did those songs? We did some digging, and found the answers– check it out!

honda1 Whats That Song?... Honda Civic Ads

2011 Honda Civic/ RPA

The first ad is called “Apartment,” and it features a montage of all five characters getting ready for their day. The introduction of our characters– The Urban Woodsman Jack, The Zombie Mitch, The Monster Teeny, The Ninja Aiko, and Cesar the Champion Luchador– sports a garage-band rock song called “Introducing” by [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Snake And Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band[/lastfm]. These rockers are from Copenhagen, and this ad is among their first big forays into the U.S.

Click here for more info on Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band!

honda3 Whats That Song?... Honda Civic Ads

2011 Honda Civic/ RPA

The next ad “Zombie” stars Mitch, the zombie (obviously). As RPA (the ad agency that came up with this campaign) says, Mitch is “a salesman who’s into high-tech gadgets. His Civic Sedan is loaded with options like Bluetooth HandsFreeLink and navigation system with FM Traffic.” The song in this ad is called “One Week of Danger” by [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]The Virgins[/lastfm]. These indie rockers have toured with bands like Sonic Youth and Patti Smith, and had five (!) of their songs featured recently in Gossip Girl.

Click here for more info on The Virgins!

honda2 Whats That Song?... Honda Civic Ads

2011 Honda Civic/ RPA

“Woodsman” is the next ad, starring Jack, who RPA says “lives in the city but is at home in the woods. He likes his Hybrid for its great fuel efficiency, which comes in handy on his many trips to the great outdoors.” This ad sports a catchy little tune called “All I Want Is You,” by [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Barry Louis Polisar[/lastfm]. Barry specializes in children’s songs and books, and has been featured everywhere from Sesame Street to The Weekly Reader. You may recognize “All I Want Is You” as the song that opens Juno, the awesomely adorable movie that made Diablo Cody and Ellen Page household names.

Click here for more info on Barry Louis Polisar!

honda4 Whats That Song?... Honda Civic Ads

2011 Honda Civic/ RPA

Next up is “Ninja” with Aiko– she’s “cute, innocent and deadly. A martial-arts phenom who’s partial to red licorice and arcade games, she pairs well with the high-energy performance of the Si model.” The song in this commercial is a super-catchy song called “Hoodie Ninja” by comedy rapper [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]mc chris[/lastfm]. mc chris’ biggest claim to fame is probably his internet sensation “Fett’s Vette,” a nerdy rap about Star Wars bad guy Boba Fett. chris has also been featured on a number of offbeat cartoons, many for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

Click here for more info on mc chris!

honda 5 Whats That Song?... Honda Civic Ads

2011 Honda Civic/ RPA

The most recent commercial (which just popped up during Glee last night) is “Monster” starring Teeny, “a bubbly and studious college coed. Her practical nature and frugal budget align with the fuel-efficient HF model.” Teeny, who looks like something from Where the Wild Things Are, rocks out with her friends to “We Turn It Up” by [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Oh Land[/lastfm]. Oh Land is a Danish singer-songwriter, whose (incredible) real name is Nanna Øland Fabricius. She made her debut in 2008, and like Snake and Jet, this commercial is her first major exposure to all of us here in America.

Click here for more info on Oh Land!

So far there hasn’t been a solo spot for Cesar the Luchador… Hopefully they’ll finish off the set of wildly creative and catchy commercials with one for this Mexican Wrestler! If Cesar gets his own commercial, we hope they’ll use a band with a Mexican flair… who would you like to hear? Let us know in the comments below!


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