Thanks for everyone’s votes and donations over the Christmas holiday.  I am happy to say I WAS RIGHT. People hate this tune. We received around 200 votes (by mail and online), and an overwhelming majority voted in favor of ending “The Christmas Shoes” song for good, which means I didn’t have to sing the song. Most importantly, we managed to raise nearly $1,000 for Rainbows For Kids!
Also, a special thanks to Laurie’s Shoes for the $200 gift card that went out to one of our lucky voters!

Rainbows for Kids is a St. Louis charity dedicated to helping children with cancer and other serious illnesses and their families.

For more information on Rainbows for Kids, visit

If you haven’t heard “The Christmas Shoes” song, first take a look at the video below:

Comments (15)
  1. I have only been listening to your Christmas music because I haven’t been hearing that song, until last Saturday when someone chose to play it several times. I will completely change the channel for the rest of the season if I keep hearing it. I lost a son in the 90s and I can tell you that SPRINGING that song on someone during their work day is really a horrible thing to do. It does nothing but provoke painful memories which are hard to keep in check while trying to work or shop. To me it makes Christmas a painful holiday that one has to endure instead of the absolutely wonderful holiday it really is.

  2. Michelle says:

    I am totally in agreement with Carney. I do not like this song. I also have known someone whose wife died of cancer right before Christmas – they had 3 small children. I don’t need songs that try to make me feel guilty about my life, right before Christmas.

  3. Janet says:

    After hearing the news that John Carney was “boycotting” the song Christmas Shoes from his program list, I almost boycotted the station. However, thanks to hearing about the contest later on the ride home, I decided to keep listening. My vote is…it’s one of the most heart-warming songs of the season. I lost my mom around Christmas time and I wish I would have thought of the same sentiment behind the song. I cry every time I hear it and I think of my mother fondly because of THIS song! I hope others vote to PLAY Christmas Shoes so we don’t have to hear John Carney singing this most precious song. Good idea for a fund-raiser!

  4. Nic says:

    I love this song. I think it is ridiculous that a radio station can pick and choose what song the DJ likes. It should not be about the music that the DJ likes it should be about your listeners and although some people may not like it there are a lot of people that do. I agree that it is sad but it also has a great story line. John you need to put your opinions aside and just play the song!

    1. jan says:

      I totally agree!!! I too love this song. John is apparently an old SCROOGE!!

  5. pam from st. charles says:

    I sent my money in today to support the playing of the Christmas Shoes song because I love the song and the movie. Both are an excellant representaion of holiday spirit (somebody paying it forward) and a way of life (it never fails around the holidays there are more deaths). Both the song and the movie make me tear up but that just means that we are emotional which is a way of life.

  6. Amanda says:

    This song is the most egocentric song about “giving” I have ever heard. It is everything wrong with American “charity.”

  7. Lisa Brown says:

    I never minded the song entill last year, When on Dec.20 my sick dad went to the hospital we figured it was the flu. My family and I were stuned to find out he had cancer that had spread to all organs they kept him as comfortable as possible. He died Dec,24 last year. Please if just for me stop playing this song.

  8. Lynn Redfield says:

    I cannot understand why you have a problem with this song.It evokes the true meaning of what Christmas is. Her son knew that his mother was going to die and he was prepared for that.All he wanted to do was to give his mother a gift that he knew would make her happy in her last hours,he gave of himself unselfishly.Would that we all should do something for someone else for no other reason.We should realize what Christmas is.God gave us the greatest gift of all.His son,to save us from our sins and gave His life for that.He gave His life freely.You have no problem in playing songs about raindeer,snowmen,santa claus,etc.What is Christmas to you?Believing Christians know what Christmas is all about.To that end I am sending a large gift to Rainbow for kids.

  9. Dee says:

    Love this song. It is about helping one another. What giving should be about. It is a shame that people are so ungrateful and hateful.

  10. Sue Rhoads says:

    John, I completely agree with you. I hate that song, too. So sad and gloomy. Mama’s going to see Jesus tonight. How awful is that! Thank you for not playing it.

  11. kayshem says:

    Why not boycott Grown-Up Christmas List. It’s depressing.

  12. John Carney says:

    Thank you all for you help with this. For those of you that “loved” the song, better luck next year. No matter your choice, “Rainbows for Kids” was the big winner as we’re going to give them almost 800.00 of your money. THANK YOU.
    Next year I’m thinking of an all out war on the chipmonks; Who’s with me??????

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