Cee Lo has definitely ruffled some feathers with his new sidekick on The Voice.

Last time around, he had his trusty kitty, Purrfect, right by his side during the show’s blind auditions. But after his snow-white cat got a new gig—according to Cee Lo she’s now a model for Victoria’s Secret —he found a new fine feathered friend in Lady, the pink Moluccan cockatoo.

Cee Lo told People that his new bird, who already has her own Twitter account, is his little lady with a big opinion. “Sometimes she whispers inappropriateness in my ear,” he said. “But always ladylike.”

Animal rights activists though are crying foul saying the exotic bird is an endangered species and that the breed is known to develop “self-destructive” behavior like feather-plucking after being cooped up.

To help Cee Lo out, CBS Local came up with a list of five other possible animals that could take over as his trusted sidekick.

1. Mishka the Talking Dog

A dog is a man’s best friend and this Siberian Husky would be the perfect partner in crime for Cee Lo. While Purrfect kept to herself, Mishka has no problem expressing himself with a range of 12 different words that his master taught him. Mishka is a bit of a chatty Cathy though and once he gets going, Cee might not get a word in edgewise.

2. Crystal the Monkey

 114442890 Five Animal Sidekicks Cee Lo Could Have on ‘The Voice’

She played an irritating monkey in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian and a drug-dealing monkey in The Hangover: Part II so it’s clear this girl’s got range. Plus, she comes free of charge since her new show, Animal Practice, is set to premiere on NBC this fall. Crystal though is a bit of a diva and in her contract it states she gets first dibs on wardrobe, specifically hats. I wonder how Christina’s gonna feel about this?

Uggie from The Artist

141881930 Five Animal Sidekicks Cee Lo Could Have on ‘The Voice’

The Oscar-winning Jack Russell Terrier just retired from the silver screen, so he’s got a little time on his paws. Though the 10-year-old pup knows what it takes to make it in this business—he didn’t start acting till his late twenties, in dog years of course–he tends to keep his opinions to himself. Oh, those strong, silent types.

. Britney’s Burmese Python
51984265 Five Animal Sidekicks Cee Lo Could Have on ‘The Voice’

Do you remember Britney’s VMA performance of “I’m a Slave 4 U” back in 2001? Sure you do, who could forget that yellow Burmese python. That slithery guy stole the show! Now the competitive snake can show Brit Brit, who recently took a gig on The X Factor, who’s really tops on reality TV. Of course, Cee Lo might not want to defy this guy or he could squeeze the life out of him.


5. Nora the Piano Cat

Maybe Cee Lo doesn’t need a different animal; he just needs a better cat. This little kitty started a YouTube craze five years ago when she showed off her piano prowess. Heck, there was even a CATcerto written in her honor. Yeah, she still needs a little practice, but this cat’s got talent. Don’t believe us, watch for yourself.



Shannon Carlin, CBS Local


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