Greg Hewitt

I feel like I missed the whole tattoo craze–when I was in college, the only people  with tats were carnys and professional wrestlers.  All of that changed however in the early 90’s and now, nearly 22% of all college students have at least one tatoo.

And if you think about it–all of those young college students in the 90’s who were getting inked  are now working in accounting, attending PTA meetings at their kid’s grade school and wondering what their neighbors at the municipal pool are really thinking about that little green lizard on their ankle which they thought was so cool  back in the day.

Given that half of the people who get tattoos try to have them removed at some point (a very painful and costly experience), I thought the results of this new study could be of help to you if now it’s your child who’s contemplating some “body art”.

According to a new study in the American Medical Association’s “Archives of Dermatology”, which I”m apt to read from time to time,  here are the four ways to make your tattoos EASIER TO REMOVE:

#1.)  Stop smoking.  If you’re a smoker, there’s a 70% lower chance your tattoo will be successfully removed after 10 sessions.  The main reason is that smoking hurts your body’s ability to heal from wounds. (Plus, the whole avoiding lung cancer is an added bonus!)

#2.)  Make sure it’s small.  Tattoos larger than 12 inches were much harder to remove than smaller tattoos.

#3.)  Avoid blue and yellow ink.  Black ink was the easiest to remove, with red and green right behind.  Yellow was extremely difficult to remove, and blue was the toughest.

#4.)  Avoid your feet and legs.  Tattoos on the lower part of the body were more difficult to remove than tattoos higher up.

Do you have a tattoo? If so, have you ever considered having it removed?   Just know that it typically takes between 10-15 laser treatments (not pleasant) costing around $200 each and they’re generally not covered by health insurance plans. (extremely unpleasant)


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