Greg Hewitt

What would your first response be if you discovered that  private messages you’ve sent on Facebook (friend to friend) suddenly showed up on your public timeline?    I guess it would depend upon the actual message—-but horror, panic and shame come to mind.   Think about some of the exchanges you’ve had on Facebook that you thought were private–would you really want all of your “friends” seeing them?

There are reports out today that this is actually happening in many instances.  For what it’s worth, Facebook is denying that any such problem exists, but doing so in that techy-talk sort of way that doesn’t quite sound like a complete denial.    Your best bet might be t go back through your timeline  (pre-2009) and just see if anything looks out of the ordinary.  Even if it’s not, if you’re like me, you’ll cringe a bit when you see what you were posting back in the early days of Facebook.

If the prospect of public humiliation makes you the least bit uncomfortable, then you could choose to hide your Facebook timeline completely, just to be safe.  To do this, click on Privacy Settings, then click on “Timeline and Tagging”  Change the settings for the options “Who can see what others post on your timeline” and “who can see posts you’ve been tagged” to “custom.”

Select “nobody,” for who can see them.



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