Greg Hewitt
15 hampton 40 Gregs Top 12 Most Irritating Intersections In St. Louis

Hampton/Oakland Ave. (KMOX/Rodger Brand)

We’ve all been there. Stopped at a traffic light at a busy St. Louis intersection during rush hour, and wondering WHO was in charge of designing the intersection. Lights are glaring, horns may be honking and you’re growing more irritated by the minute.

I can sympathize and below are my picks for the Top 12 Most Irritating Intersections in St. Louis.

1.) Hampton/Oakland Ave:

It’s impossible to navigate onto Westbound 64/40 from Hampton without feeling like you’re in a game of bumper cars…especially after sitting through several lights just to get in the correct turn lane.

2.) Brentwood/64/40/170 exchange:

THIS is the re-design? It makes you wonder how awful it was before they shut the highway down for a year. Getting onto Eastbound 40 from Brentwood requires more stoplights than I can handle.

3.) Manchester/Woodsmill (141):

I grew up in that area.  It was bad in 1970…still bad today.

4.) Clayton/Skinker:

Pray that you’re not within a mile of this disaster anytime near rush hour. It’s mind-numbing.

5.) Forest Park Pkwy/Kingshighway:

No matter which direction I’m coming from, I somehow always seem to end up turning around in the parking lot of Tom’s Bar & Grill in the West End…

6.) Manchester/270:

Even now, I still hesitate when exiting the highway onto eastbound Manchester.  The problem is that so does everyone else.

7.) Highway 44/Woodsmill (141):

This one is bad all the time — and it’s made worse by the flooding whenever we get a decent rain storm.

8.) Hanley/Manchester:

Just try to maintain your cool going Eastbound anytime after 3pm when 2 – 3 cars are able to get through a green light. At least there’s a Sonic nearby if you need to re-group.

9.) Clarkson/Baxter:

A mess—anytime of the day.

10.) Skinker/Delmar:

This one is always jammed and to be avoided at all costs. The drivers are particularly brazen at that spot. You really need to stop and check both directions, even on a green light.

11.) Lindbergh/64/40:

A labyrinth of lights, lanes and frustration. Another re-design in need of a re-design.

12.) Market/Compton:

I had to include this one since it’s one I have to navigate every day on my way to and from work.  It takes nerves of steel to maneuver and you’ll see a lot of running of red lights here.  Carefulness is the key.

Any other super irritating intersections in St. Louis that you frequent throughout the week? Let me know in the comments below!


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