Greg Hewitt

I was enjoying a leisurely drive into work this morning when,  out of the corner of my eye,  I noticed two men who were–and there’s no better word for it–brawling on the side of the road.

OK…it wasn’t a road, it was a highway (64/40),  and one of the guys appeared to me hitting the other with what looked like one of those long, hallow tubes–the kind that one would carry floor plans or posters around in.   Luke Skywalker in battle with his light saber had nothing on this guy.

It got me thinking just how something like this could happen.  What could possibly have gone so wrong in their conversation that grappling on the side of a highway while traffic zipped by at 70 mph  seemed like a good idea?  Did one of them snap when informed that the renovations on his home weren’t to his satisfaction?  Was it an argument about floor plans that got out of hand?

Or maybe it was just another example of road rage?   We’ve seen this scenario play out before.  One car cuts another off–glances,  gestures and words are exchanged.  The cars follow each other off the side of the road.

Just another reminder to take these words seriously…..




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