This should scare all of us. A photo of a text a 22 year-old student at the University of
Northern Colorado was typing before it was cut off in mid-sentence. It was cut off because police say Alexander Heit drifted into oncoming traffic, jerked the steering wheel and went off the road, rolling his car.

The Huffington Post reports: “Heit died shortly after the April 3 crash, but his parents and police are hoping the photo of the mundane text on his iPhone will serve as a stark reminder to drivers.
The photo (see below), published Wednesday in The Greeley Tribune, shows Heit was responding to a friend by typing “Sounds good my man, seeya soon, ill tw” before he crashed.
Witnesses told police that Heit appeared to have his head down when he began drifting into the oncoming lane in the outskirts of Greeley, where the University of Northern Colorado is located. According to police, an oncoming driver slowed and moved over just before Heit looked up and jerked the steering wheel.”

AP Photo/Greeley Police

AP Photo/Greeley Police

It’s chilling to see this photo and so sad because it could have been avoided. And it’s not just “kids” or young adults behind the wheel that text. I’ve done it and I’ve received texts from others that are obviously doing it. It’s funny that just because (I) we are older we think “oh it’s ok, I’m an adult. I can drive and text at the same time.” What kind of stupid logic is that? I generally like to put up fun posts on this site about celebrities but I think this is too important to ignore. This should be a reminder to us all. You can read the full article here.


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