First of all…   Thank you guys SO much for all the very kind messages while I was out with a ‘Surprise!!  You Get To Have Knee Surgery!!’, and let me tell ya…I’ve had better surprises.

Secondly, I did a ton of reading once I got home, was placed on the couch and told to make sure it didn’t go anywhere. Historical Fiction, Adventure, Biographies, Lovin’ and a super fascinating book about Labradors.

I’m  staying with my uncle and a few years ago he and my aunt had bred and raised Black Labs. My uncle has 2 of them now…Libby and Blu (named after the old guy in ‘Old School’  “You’re my boy, Blu!!!!!”)So this book has everything and more you’d ever want to know about the breed.  Origins, size, temperament, health concerns, how to train them if you’re using them as a hunting dog…how to train if they’re going to be an assistance dog..even specific ways to train to be around little kiddos.

The most interesting I read was in the section about their temperament.  Obviously, they are a very laid-back breed.  Generally, if they were any more relaxed, they’d be in a coma.  But in terms of differences between the males and the females, it talks about how the males need much more actual, tactile, outright lovin’ than the females.   Girls are fine with “Aren’t you the best girl in da ho’wide world???…Oh, yes, you are!”  Then give them the Major League Baseball-type smack on the butt and off they go.   But the boys…they apparently need much more petting, positive talking and out-&-out lovin’.  Lots of pets, lots of…y’know…”Oh, my big big boy…You’re tough…yes, you are…I wuv you..yes i do!”  Of course, all while touching your head to his, which I guess they love, petting the ears, the sides and the neck.  They’ll also park themselves right by you and not move until you do.  My boy Blu and I have gotten very, very attached…as you can totally see in the picture… Look at those eyes, look at that expression.  Who’s SUCH a good boy? Oooooh, I could just kiss you and kiss you..Ooooo- I wuv you, yes I do!

Anyone else notice the differences in Labs like this??


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