911 Dispatcher in Amanda Berry Case “Under Review”

Greg Hewitt

“Under Review?”

Wow, what’s next?  Maybe they’ll take the matter “under consideration”.

When the story of 3 missing women being found alive after 10+ in captivity broke the other night, and the audio of Amanda Berry’s frantic 911 call to authorities was released,  I knew right away that the Cleveland police department would have some serious explaining to do.   The fact that the dispatcher is speaking with a woman who says she’s been kidnapped for the last ten years–and has just escaped from her captors, seems completely lost on this person.

In the 911 transcript, the operator interacts with Berry. At one point, after Berry asks for a police, the operator responds, “We’re going to send them as soon as we get a car open.”    (Again, they’re speaking with a woman who has been held for over 10 years against her will who is also protecting her young daughter.)

“We’re going to send them as soon as we get a car open.”

The call ends with the dispatcher assuring Berry that police are en route and said,  ‘I told you they’re on their way; talk to them when they get there, OK.”

It’s mind-boggling, but the operator actually sounds annoyed by Amanda Berry–as if she’s keeping them from they’re lunch break!

The worst part of this fiasco is the fact the operator didn’t feel the need to keep this poor woman on the phone–which would have come in very handy if the man who had held her against her will for over a decade showed up again.

I’m glad this is finally getting some attention, because when I mentioned it on the air yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, I didn’t get a sense that people had actually had a chance to hear the 911 call.  Most of the attention was being focused on just the bizarre nature of how the story unfolded and the heroic actions of one of Amanda’s neighbors, Charles Ramsey.

Let’s just  hope that “under review” means “we’re sorry, we messed up.”

Because they did.

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