Don’t even ask how we got on this topic this morning..LOL!!

I think we were talking about buying 45’s when we were young and “Run Joey Run” was in my collection.

I just remember seeing the 45 and I believe the label on the actual record was red???

I had to go find it:

Um, it sounded much better when I was five but oh it brought back memories. I must have missed this episode but the cast of “Glee” did the song and featured it in an episode in 2010. The song was released in 1975 by David Geddes. Oh my this is funny stuff on the Wikipedia page. Memories……..Of course when I was young I had no idea what I was singing or what the song was about. Here’s part of story from wiki (the censorship stuff mentioned below cracks me up!):

The song opens with a female pleading with her father:
“Daddy, please don’t — it wasn’t his fault. He means so much to me!
“Daddy, please don’t: we’re gonna get married; just you wait and see.”

Geddes sings from first person narrative in the character of the titular young man. Joey recalls the events leading up to a recent tragedy in which his girlfriend Julie is unintentionally gunned down by her own father, who intended to kill Joey after learning that Julie was pregnant with Joey’s child. Joey himself admits that he repeatedly relives the tragedy in his mind every time he tries to sleep.

Late one night, Julie called Joey warning him not to visit; Julie and her dad had a fight that turned violent when Julie revealed that she was pregnant (this was only implied in the lyrics due to censorship issues in 1975). Though Julie’s father furiously swore his own vengeance, Joey, ignoring his own peril, immediately rushes over to Julie’s home; Julie, with a bruised face, tearfully rushes to Joey’s arms.

Moments later, Julie’s father sneaks up behind the two of them with a gun. Just as he pulls the trigger Julie steps into his line of fire and sacrifices herself to spare Joey’s life. Julie’s last words as she lay dying in Joey’s arms were a repeat of the opening (also used between the first and second verses), but Julie expires before she can sing the last five words, “just you wait and see”. The song ends with a reprise of the chorus, (“Run Joey run Joey run…”).


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