Larry Connors Wants To Clarify Something

Greg Hewitt

I’ll say it up front–I like Larry Connors, longtime news anchor on KMOV.   I like the fact that he represents the last of the old-guard of news anchors here in St. Louis.

Dick Ford, Karen Foss, Julius Hunter, Steve Schiff , Patrick Emory–remember them?  They’ve all have hung up their…..whatever it is you hang up after years of anchoring the evening news,  but Larry keeps plugging away.  That’s admirable.

I can still hear him, years ago while anchoring the 10pm newscast on KTVI–“Coming up next…….MASH!”

And NO ONE in the history of television news here in St. Louis has EVER raised a  skeptical eyebrow the way Larry does…that’s a anchorman’s gift.

Larry found himself in the middle of the news yesterday though–a place  no journalist should be comfortable residing.

He had written a Facebook post about his suspicions that maybe the IRS had applied “pressure” to him after he had conducted a tough interview with President Obama in April of 2012.   The reason this was news now  is due to the growing scandal which has erupted in Washington over the past week regarding the IRS’s targeting of conservative organizations.   Larry’s speculation that he may have been targeted as well was news.  It all seemed so unfair on the surface.

Last night however, the story took a new turn as Larry backed off a bit from his original charge.  In fact, he clarified that his issues with the IRS preceded his interview with President Obama by “several years.”

Several years?

Speaking of skeptical eyebrows.   That’s a key element of the story would have been nice to know beforehand.

So be it.   Whatever happens here  (and I suspect this story will blow over in a couple of days) one can only hope that they don’t assign Larry another “here’s what it feels like to be tasered”  stories.

Now that would be unfair.

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