When Was the Last Time You Were Surprised in a GOOD Way?

You may have noticed, I was on vacation last week. I was lucky enough to go home to New Mexico for a week and spend time with both family and friends. Most of the time I fly Southwest. In fact, my motto has always been “Look, if Southwest doesn’t fly there, you must not need to be there.” But as I was pricing flights on Southwest, it was quite expensive. So I bit the bullet and looked on Priceline.

To my excitement, I found a round trip flight for just barely over $200. SOLD! The only thing was it was on an airline I had never flown before, Delta. I booked the tickets, took a deep breath, and readied myself for just about anything… lost luggage, sitting on the tarmac for hours, canceled flights, the screaming child express, rude attendants, and every other nightmare you can think of. Boy, was I wrong! And, I think I’m grown up enough to say I was both wrong and I learned a lesson.

You need to be open to new experiences, with new people, and be ready for new surprises. For example, remember a couple of months ago I had knee surgery? Well, it’s taking quite a while to heal and after walking quite a ways in the airport, my knee was really REALLY starting to sing opera. I got to the gate, the attendant noticed immediately. She got me comfortable right away, and promised there would be a wheelchair waiting for me in Albuquerque.

I told her it was no big deal. She looked me in the eye and said “You just let me take care of you.” I was impressed. And there was indeed a wheelchair waiting for me. Okay, I told myself, the flight, definitely impressive,  which of course means my luggage is somewhere in South Carolina. Wrong again! My bag, no joke, was the first to come off the luggage slide. Plus my Delta Airlines lady turned around my wheelchair and there was my Momma! Definitely impressive, definitely smooth.

Time for another deep breath because now there’s a return flight. The flight from St. Louis to Albuquerque was SO good, as I packed my things, I was nearly panicked because I figured something has to go wrong, right? Well, the return flight first leg leaves Albuquerque at 6 am. Fun, right?

I get there in plenty of time (thank you family!), get through security with no issue at all, take off smooth, have to change planes in Minneapolis and once again my knee is really aching from walking, altitude changes, so as I’m changing flights I ask the attendant when I check in if there is an ice pack on board. She asks what the deal is. I tell her and she goes “Oh, you poor thing.”

She taps on her computer and says “Well, here’s a better seat…muuuuch more comfortable. They’re going to have an ice pack for you as soon as you get into your seat.” At this point I’m starting to think I’m flying Disney Airlines. My seat was upgraded to first class. I slept so hard I was drooling and they almost had to drag me off the plane in St. Louis.

So needless to say, I learned a BIG lesson. I was all set to be disappointed, to be angry, to be let down. Instead, I was impressed, I was more comfortable on a flight than I have ever been and I was ashamed of the assumptions I had made. So to Delta Airlines, a HUGE overdue thank you.  Keep doing what you’re doing and REALLY so sorry about the drool on 7A.


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