Anthony Weiner–“Danger” Is His Middle Name

Greg Hewitt

It seemed amazing enough when disgraced former New York  congressman Anthony Weiner announced that he would be running for Mayor of New York City.

I mean, the term “disgraced former politician”  gets thrown around a lot these days (almost as much as  “teachable moment”)  but in Weiner’s case it almost seemed like an understatement…like it would actually be hard to think of another term that didn’t utilize a profanity or two.

If you recall, he was accused several years ago of sending out explicit photos of himself to numerous women across the country–a fact that he denied over and over again until finally coming clean (if that would ever be possible for him) at one of the more raucous press conferences in the history of American politics.

Really…when the last words people associate with you are “BYE-BYE PERVERT!”,  it seems safe to assume that your political eulogy has been written!

NOT SO FAST NEW YORK!–not only would he be running for elected office again (talk about hubris)  but several major polls in New York had him leading the race!

Which begs the question, exactly what is wrong with the other candidates in this race?   What kind of skeletons are they hiding?   Seriously…how bad of a candidate do you have to be when this guy…this “serial sexter” (OK…I want credit for that BTW)  is forcing you to start thinking about concession speeches.  How would you even write a speech like that?

“First I’d like to congratulate Congressman Weiner for his hard-fought victory, a mandate from the people…and Nice Pecs…”

I’m guessing, after yesterday though, this lead in the polls might be in jeopardy.  It seems Anthony is back to his old tricks, reportedly sending pictures of….ahem….himself to another woman–this a year after resigning in disgrace over doing the exact same thing!

So what did he do?  He did what every other male  politician does when caught with a hand in the ……

OK…bad analogy.

He dragged his poor wife into a press conference to confess his latest sins and to ask for forgiveness.  What a pathetic yet predictable performance.  As I was watching this proud, accomplished woman (Huma Abedin ,a  former assistant of Hillary Clinton—Gee…wonder why she didn’t take his last name!)  read through her statement, I kept thinking to myself,

THIS  is the member of that family who should be running for Mayor!”

Oh, and there’s one more strange twist to this tale.  It seems that Weiner thought he was being safe online with this latest escapade by using an alias.

Then again, he probably still thinks AOL chat rooms are cool too.

Carlos Danger?

(Wasn’t that the name of one of Gerado’s backup dancers on the video to the 1990 hit, “Rico Suave”?)

If you have a spare moment, check out the Carlos Danger” Name Generator .

What’s your secret online alias?

Thanks for reading,

-Carmelo Smash

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