Now before we leap into this story I thought we were done with, let me just say this… the best thing…the ONLY good thing in this demeaning-to-all-parties story is Anthony Weiner’s nom de plume:

Carlos Danger.  Did you hear me??   Carlos DANGER!!!!  I love, love, LOVE that name!  Let’s found a band and call it…..yes!   ‘Carlos Danger’!!     #carlosdanger    !!

Below are two stories that will hold your interest for approximately 4.73 seconds.  After that, let’s go get some Ted Drewes’ …..pleeeeeeeeease??????

Before you jump into the stories, here are the basics:  More than a year after it wiped out his Congressional career, Anthony Weiner, oops, I mean, Carlos Danger, was carrying on online conversations and trading pictures and like such as with at least one (maybe more but they are being ‘Shhhhhhh’ about it, while this one girl ran to and said “LOOKIE WHAT I GOT WITH ANTHONY “CARLOS DANGER’ WEINER. ISN’T IT HILARIOUS?!?? GIMME MONEY.   LOTS AND LOTS LOTS OF IT.”

So, pretty much all the details you’ll read are true (and some of them may be a bit “Eeeeeeew, ICK”….) Some of the details may still being held back for future “Oh….oh, NO, not AGAIN” moments.  Don’t you just love a good surprise?


In the meanwhile, here’s the CURRENT surprise, in all its glory.   Ick.  But, the good thing about friendship is, we’re all icked-out…TOGETHER….do you see?


Pressure mounting on Weiner to quit the Mayoral Race


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Carlos!




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