Steph Duran

Hello everyone, ahem,  my name Is Steph and I have the insomnia real hard.  (‘hi,  steph…’)

Whew, now that THAT is out of the way, we can just talk like human beings.  So, a few years ago, I developed insomnia…..the really, really deep, fun kind (smell sarcasm? i do!)

I couldn’t sleep for anything, but all i wanted was to stay in bed.   You know that feeling?   Everybody gets it at one time or another…..’I’m so tired…I just need a day, ok maybe i need a couple of days, fine, so i’ll take a week’s vacation.

With all the tiredness and never feeling like I’m catching up…. ever…1st, i tried all the usual stuff: cuddling my dog (which just annoyed both of us)and then the health store stuff ‘valeriun root’, melatonin….and those only made me this tired [ ].

So, my Dr said, all right, if you don’t  get enough sleep, you will NEVER get enough rest to deal will any other issue.  I told him, ” Blind toot in the garden big dog banana pants.” (By this point I was REALLY tired!)

He had me try the usual….first Ambien.  “Now, read up on the side effects….for some people they can be very real.”   My typical reaction…”Yeah, mm hmm thanks, Dr….see ya!”

Then came the making muffins at 3 am, yummy, but i certainly don’t remember it.

Oh- or sending out invites to a party….MY engagement party (i was going thru a divorce))

So, the good Dr switched me to something that is still much much, much sleepytime Johnson, but less “The Adventures of Steph Sound Asleep” —until last night.  DANGIT!!!

I took all my nighttime meds and actually got to bed later than I should have (we had a bit of a little tiny baby family emergency….alright…a car broke down and i went and got my uncle), so i got IN bed later than i should have.  Fell right to sleep.  Woke up this morning…..and sometime last night, or WAYY early this morning I got up and cut my hair.   I decided I needed baby bangs.  SO embarrassing!!!

stop laughing!

NO, YOU CAN’T HAVE A PICTURE!!   (maybe next week, when they’ve grown in a little)


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