Considering How ‘Haunted’ St Louis is, I’ve NEVER Heard Tell of ….City Museum….????

Let’s admit something to each other. Everyone is getting a reality show.   My Mom just got a reality show (she didn’t).  Some of them are even entertaining, depending on your taste and how much nothing else is on. and how badly you DON’T feel like reaching over for the remote.  I get it.  I have days like that, too.

Now…one of MY favorite Reality Show categories are the Paranormal ones….everything from the Classic ‘Ghost Hunters’, to ‘The Dead Files’ (now THAT is some freaky stuff and Amy always, always looks different….isn’t that odd?) even ‘Paranormal State’….oooooh….what’s the one where they have stuff caught on tape???   There’s some scary stuff on there!  I didn’t say it was real….i just said….scary-ish…!   🙂

The one I love & it makes me laugh as well, of course, is ‘Ghost Adventures’, shown, appropriately enough, if you REALLY think about it, on the Travel Network. Zach Bagans, Mr. Too-Cool-For-The-Rest-Of-The-Room and his co-hosts, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin.

There really is no set methodology.  Except that Zach loves, loves, loooooves to taunt the spirits.  He’ll yell for them to get their…um…..’tushies’…down here. It’s epic!  The three guys are the only ones going in and they’ve had some pretty cool stuff happen.

Now, ‘Ghost Adventures’ and St. Louis….specifically, City Museum.   Has anyone EVER heard of the City Museum being haunted even a teenie, tiny, widdle biddy bit????  I know!!  Me either! So, what sre they doing filming in there?  I have an ide….oh wait, no! I have 2 ideas!

1)  Maybe the place really is haunted….or it’s been ‘quietly’ haunted, and whatever it is , is escalating and City Museum has to fix it because…well, because.

2)  They’re filming a real haunting somewhere else….jeez, take your pick!  They went down to City Museum to film Zach sliding down some tunnels w/o messing up his hair.  You have to admit.  That’s a total possibility.


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