We’ve all grown up with Madonna being this force of nature.  If she wants to do something, have something (or…someONE, for that matter) or create something…she just DOES it.

Groundbreaking pop music and an image that kind of shocked, then hooked us, then a new album would come out and we’d be shocked, then hooked AGAIN??  Done!

Creating a ‘coffee table book’ called ‘Sex’….she called it art, expression, creativity, pushing boundaries, erotic photography.  Others called it ‘HAWT!’, or ‘cry for attention’, ‘porn’.  My Momma says I’m STILL not allowed to look at it….so I don’t really know.

Doing a 180* and writing FIVE children’s books?  Sure!

Acting and directing movies?  SHE thinks she is FABULOUS at it!!

She even decided she wanted to adopt two children from Malawi….a country in Africa that does not allow foreigners to adopt Malawian children.  She did it anyway!

She decided she felt like being British after marrying Guy Ritchie, so SHE SUDDENLY HAD A BRITISH ACCENT!  AND WORE TWEED!

Madonna set the trends.

Now, she just turned 55.  That does not mean she becomes irrelevant at all….she continues to work and create.  She started a line of gyms called ‘Hard Candy.’

What she should NOT do, however, is show up at one of her gyms, surrounded by fans and photographers EVERYWHERE, looking fashion-cutting-edge FOR 1998!!!

Madonna, the late 90’s called…..they want that last grille in existence (that you are wearing for some unknown reason!!!) back, please.   Thank you.    Plus, you look like you’re about to bite someone and like you’re PROFOUNDLY UNCOMFORTABLE!


Oh, Madonna.




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