MTV’S  Video Music Awards were last night…and, as I’m sure you’ve heard, the usual “Hey, let’s crank up the ‘Oh!  Oh, no!  No, no, no….what is THAT that’s going on up there on stage????’ “,  was cranked to 11.  Miley Cyrus and that whole…umm….whatever that was with her tongue hanging out constantly.  Seriously, I want to staple her mouth shut so she can’t make that face anymore.   Lady Gaga starting ‘Applause’ off dressed as ‘some sort of avant-garde milk carton’….love that!!

Thankfully, there was some true, real talent in the room.   Yes, I’m looking at you, Justin Timberlake.  All last week, the whispers, rumors and ‘my sister’s best friends’ girlfriend heard from some who SAW Joey Fatone in New York….’ discussions about NSYNC reuniting onstage at the VMA’s were flying around the internet at record speed.

As late as Friday, publicists were squashing any and all rumors. Not happening, we were all assured….   Then with less than 20 hours to go until showtime, MTV couldn’t take it anymore, and said, “OK!!!!!   ALRIGHT!!!!  Jeez…..yes, NSYNC will be on the stage together!!!   It’s  going to be an incredible reunion!!”

And, lo, so it was.    It was a reunion that lasted  all of 110 seconds.  110 SECONDS…..Here are the highlights….



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