steph duran

OK, let just wipe my eyes and take a deep breath, here. Whoooooo, that’s better.

Alright.  It is Fashion Week in New York, so all the Pretty People are in town attending fashion shows, jostling for better seats and doing their level best to look fashionably bored out of their SKULLS while the show is going on.  I don’t get that, by the way.  I would be so excited and happy to be there, wouldn’t you be??  I mean, my goodness, try and fool somebody, at least!

So, now that Justin Bieber has said he’s 19 and an artist and a grown-up and he should be taken SERIOUSLY, you guys!!!! …he’s apparently decided to try and look like a grown up.  No, he hasn’t decided to pull up his pants.  I wish.

Did he get rid of the super-spiky yellow ball cap?  Nope.

Did he stop wearing sunglasses indoors?  No way.

What he HAS done, SORT OF, is grow a mustache.  As Buzzfeed says, it IS like a training bra of mustaches…but it’s there.   Look hard.  Very flesh colored.   Alright….now I’m off with the giggles again…

(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images)

(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images)


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