EVERYTHING You Need To Know About iOS 7

Author: Greg Hewitt

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I may have picked the single worst day possible to upgrade my iPhone service the other day.

It just so happened that it fell on the same day the company decided to upgrade its software to iOS 7, an event that meant nothing to me at the time.

The clerk excitedly rattled off all of the new features of the phone which would “change the way you use your phone!”

Can I still make and receive calls on the thing?

The answer was yes, but it just so happened that at the very moment I was updating my “ancient” iPhone 3 to the now, nearly outdated 4S,  (I not a first-adapter when it comes to these things) the company released the new software update which proceeded to clog the company’s servers (and whatever else it uses to make these things happen in an orderly fashion) to a grinding halt.

I did however get the update and although it may not “change the way I use my phone,” it is pretty cool, even for an amateur like me.

If you’d like a tutorial on exactly what the new features are all about, check out these easy to understand videos HERE!

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