Television Ratings…As Tallied By…Tweets? Say What, Now?

steph duran

The two things most tweeted about last night were the 65th annual Primetime Emmy Awards and…..say it with me now…..’Breaking Bad.’  ‘Breaking Bad’….magic number is ONE…last episode, next Sunday (sunday….sunday…)!!!

Apparently, award shows always do really, really well on social media.  Everyone is talking about ‘oh, that dress!’ or….’God, he looks STUPID!!’…’How in the world did THAT ever win anything????’ whatever it may be…

The Emmy’s last night ended up with a total of 924,700 tweets.  That’s a nice, big number!  But…award shows that are geared a little bit younger get even more tweets…for instance, Fox’s ‘Teen Choice Awards had 4.4 million tweets by the end of the show….and by the end of MTV’s Video Music Awards, they were up at 18.5 million tweets…of course, they WERE helped, just a lil’ bit, by Miley Cyrus’ uh….when she….well…you know perfectly well what she did.  We ALL know.

I found an article in the L.A. Times that is ranking television shows according to how many tweets they got.  It’s really interesting to see!   Is it a new ratings system??  Could it be?  Here’s the top-tweeted about shows from the week:

1. The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards (CBS). Sunday. 924,700 tweets.
2. “Breaking Bad” (AMC). Sunday. 325,000 tweets.
3. “The X Factor” (Fox). Wednesday. 243,100 tweets.
4. “Dancing With the Stars.” (ABC). Monday. 230,200 tweets.
5. “WWE Monday Night RAW” (USA). Monday. 174,900 tweets.
6. “Big Brother” Wednesday. 174,600 tweets.
7. “The X Factor” (Fox). Thursday. 154,000 tweets.
8. “Dexter” (Showtime). Sunday. 126,300 tweets.
9. “America’s Got Talent” (NBC). Tuesday. 106,300 tweets.
10. “America’s Got Talent” (NBC). Wednesday. 106,100 tweets.

Keep in mind…this has nothing whatsoever to do with how many people actually watched the show…isn’t that kind of funny?  I mean, is it becoming more important to TV Networks how many people are talking about you and how cool they think you are, rather than how many people are actually taking in your product?   Hmmmm….   Enough thinking for the moment!!  Who wants a cookie???


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