I Think ‘Kissing Disasters’ May Be An UNDERSTATEMENT…Brace Yourselves…We’re Goin’ In

steph duran

Now, let’s all admit first and foremost that kissing in real life is NOT like kissing in the movies.  In the movies, it’s always perfectly timed….SHE looks uh-mazing…perfect make-up, hair just-so and has a come-hither look that makes everyone watching go weak in the knees.  And HIM?   Oh.   Oh, my.   HE is just sex on two legs….strong, manly arms, soft (somewhat, though not overly glossy) lips and bedroom eyes.

When movies stars kiss and they have the right chemistry…you get…well, you get that kiss in the rain in ‘The Notebook’ (Yowza…know what I’m sayin’?)…you get ‘From Here to Eternity’ (on the beach while the waves are coming in)… and, don’t forget about ‘The Princess Bride’ (“as you wish”).

Now—  everyone…everyone…HEY!!!!   If we could all float back down here to Earth… Yes, yes, I hear you.  There are a TON of really great, romantic, downright HOT movie kisses and YEAH we can start a list!!!   Just put your faves down in the comments!

As we started off by saying, kissing in real life is NOT like kissing in the movies…kissing in real life can be messy, bumpy, poorly-timed and sometimes worse.  Is there anything worse than a truly BAD kiss???  Yes!!   NO kisses!  I’ll let you in on a little secret…I haven’t been kissed in a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time.  Long. Time.  How long??  So long, that if I told you, you would accuse me of lying about it. Now THAT’S a long time!!!

Along the lines of bad kisses…but farther down that line…we have ‘Kissing Disasters.’  ‘Surely,’ you say ‘there couldn’t be a kissing DISASTER?  It’s a kiss!  It’s a sweet, loving thing!  How bad could it possibly be???’    Oh ho ho, my friends…..



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