Breaking Bad Finale Had 10.3 Million Viewers, Legally and Illegally

The series finale of “Breaking Bad” Sunday night on AMC drew a record 10.3 million viewers!  The biggest audience the show ever had.  Most viewers watched legally on AMC either live or on DVR, however 500,000 people downloaded it illegally.  Australia had the biggest number of illegal downloads with 18 percent of the total, followed by the United States on 14.5 percent, Britain on 9.3 percent, India on 5.7 percent and Canada 5.1 percent

So what does that say?  Is it a bigger tribute to the show that a half million people went out of their way to download it illegally?

Comparatively, the finale had more than “Mad Men’s” biggest audience of 3.5 Million, but less than “The Walking Dead’s”  season finale of 12.4 million.

The show’s lead character, Walter White was a High School chemistry teacher who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  To leave money to his family, he starts cooking crystal meth.  His persona became so big it needed an alter ego, which he called “Heisenberg.”

The show also featured the breakout of actor Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman, Walter’s former student and meth partner.  Aaron is just about the hottest name in Hollywood right now.  Look for him in the future.   The kid is an awesome actor and a genuine nice guy.  He raised over $2 Million for charity with this finale party in Los Angeles.

“Breaking Bad”  lasted 5 seasons and this year won 3 Emmy awards.  

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