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UPDATE— Monday October 14, 1013:

I’m thinking that I’ll continue to update the original post here as more point/counter point responses to the original Deadspin piece surface.

It’s no exaggeration at all to suggest that the author of the article, Drew Magary,  touched a very raw, rage inducing nerve with many Cardinal fans.

And It wasn’t just the team’s die-hard followers who were offended.  Family members, co-workers, some of whom I’ve never seen ruffled, silently stewed–the twitching of an eyelid giving away their true feelings– as they scanned their screens.

“He’s a A$%#ole!” said one.

“Too much free time,” offered another.

“He’s never been to Busch Stadium!”, stammered a girl down the hall, her voice rising;  yet all the while, still attempting a smile.  You know,  in that way that you do when you don’t want people to realize how angry you really are.   (BTW, it never works.  You just end up looking crazy.)

Will Leitch, a former editor at Deadspin and fierce defender of the “Cardinal Way” wrote what I thought was the best rebuttal to Magary.

He writes,

“This notion, that Cardinals fans are always walking around patting themselves on the back, telling everyone they run into, “Hey, did you know that I’m part of the best fans in baseball? Well, I am,” appears to have secured its place in the public consciousness. It’s ridiculous. Humans don’t talk like that, particularly ones as earnest and cheerfully dopey as Cardinals fans.”

Check out the entire piece HERE.

BTW—Cards up 2-0 in the series against the Dodgers is the best response to the article of all.



Have you noticed how much resentment there is out there on a national level regarding our St. Louis Cardinals?

I guess it’s natural in a sense.  Any organization that wins as consistently as the Cards have over their long history, is bound to irritate some.  I mean I think they’d irritate ME if I were a fan of one of those sad-sack teams that know full well on opening day that they have no chance of a winning season, much less a spot in the playoffs or World Series.

Yes, I’m talking to you Cubs fans.

It all seems a little silly to us.  We see a team that’s built from the ground up, utilizing raw, young talent developed through the draft  as opposed to high-priced free agents who are long past their prime.

We see a team that let the second best player in the history of the franchise sign a bloated, doomed-to-fail 10 year contract with that other LA team, and not miss a beat in the process.

We see a team that seems to play the game the right way, which admittedly means different things to different fan bases.  We do love us some scrappy here!  (See Joe Mcewing, Stubby Clapp, David Eckstein, etc)

In short, even if there are some things about the organization that might rankle others (and NO ONE in the history of the game was better at infuriating opponents than former manager, Tony La Russa),  we choose not to notice.

But others do. Check out a few samples:

Why Your Cardinals Suck

Why Everybody Hates The Cardinals

Everybody Hates the Cardinals…Why?

The Most Insufferable Things About the Cardinals

Deadspin’s Drew Magary writes,

“The Cardinals are f&*%ing awful. They are Tim Tebow in baseball organization form. They are a church casserole made out of cream of mushroom soup and Minute Rice. They are a horrible family staring at a Norman Rockwell painting of itself. It’s no coincidence that sabermetric punching bag David Eckstein spent a few years playing for the Cardinals, because no team in any sport puffs up its grittiness credentials quite like this one.”

Wow…the Tebow reference actually made me wince.

There’s a lot of anger in these words, most of which are a result of jealousy and a desire for page views.  “Trolling” might be a better description.

However, if we’re honest with ourselves, there may also be a few kernels of truth in some of these articles as well.

This whole notion of Cardinal fans referring to ourselves as the  “Best Fans In Baseball” could be construed as arrogance by some (although you hear that sentiment enough from former and current players throughout the league that you have to believe there’s something to it.)

I think St. Louis native Will Leitch may have the best take of all.

He writes,

“The Cardinals in many ways have become the new Yankees, a team whose dogged insistence on continuing to win has made the rest of baseball exhausted and irritated by them. The Cardinals are the establishment. The world will always cheer for the insurgent.”

So in the end, it’s the relentless winning that drives their critics crazy.

If that’s the case, then let the critics and trolls fire away!


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