Hombres…..I’ve Gone Ombre!

steph duran

Your hair, your hair, your hair…… you spend so much time on it.    Playing with it.  Washing it.  Coloring it.  Putting product in it to get it to curl….or to get the curl OUT.   Cutting it.  Growing it out.

I’ve pretty much had super-short hair all my adult life…and, actually my teens, too, now that i think about it.  I was just always a short hair girl.  Like….super-duper….clipper-short on the sides and longer, messy layers on the top.  Think Miley Cyrus, but less extreme.   Oh….and less tongue.

So, a couple of years ago, my daughter asked me to grow my hair out.  For real.  I agreed…thinking she’d get bored and forget about it in like six months, and when she did I’d go and get my hair chopped off again…

(Credit: CBS Radio)

(Credit: CBS Radio)

Lemme tell ya,  we raised this child to be the very bastion of honesty and persistence.  Which is wonderful.  EXCEPT when it’s pointing at YOU.  Anytime I would mention that my hair was driving me nuts from growing it out, Trish would respond, “Mom, you promised you’d grow it out.”   I would bring up that it was in the TERRIBLE  middle phase….can’t do anything with it!  “Moooooooooom…..you promised!”   When she was super busy with classes on campus and couldn’t get home she would make me send her pictures to make sure i hadn’t cut my hair.   She really, really wanted me to grow it out.

Now…I have to say I’m glad she kept on me about it.   For the first time EVER in my life, I have long hair.  In the back, it falls down to the middle of my back!  I still have bangs, but then just lots of long layers….and it really was making me a little crazy….so I took a deep breath, called my friend Janet Passiglia, who is the owner of Season’s Spa and Salon and I told her…”I think I want to go Ombre….”   She set me all up!

It took a while to complete the delicate process.  I’m Hispanic, with dark, dark hair….and in Ombre it needs to fade to light by the very tips of the ends of your hair.  Gently! Brandi, who is my girl (she’s a fine girl…what a good wife she would be…heehee!!!!) was extremely knowledgeable and patient while doing the whole thing.  Now….I LOVE  Season’s, they are the only ones I let take care of my hair…I worked awfully hard to get it this long, after all!   🙂   Now you see why…..they are SO good!    Thank you Season’s!!   xoxoxo-


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