Paul Rudd Pulls Off Longest Running Joke In Late Night TV History

Author: Greg Hewitt

Only Conan could (or would even think to) allow a guest to pull this off.

Someone edited together all of Paul Rudd’s appearances on Conan’s various late-night shows, and as it turns out, he’s been pulling one of the longest running jokes in late-night history.

Every time he appears on Conan, when he’s asked to show a clip for whatever movie he’s promoting, he shows the same one, and it’s never the movie he’s promoting.

Instead, he  shows the same, amazingly bizarre clip from the little known 80’s film, “Mac And Me.”

It’s funny at first, slightly irritating after a few instances and ultimately circles back around to hilarious.


(The best bit is around the 5:15 mark, where Rudd explains why he couldn’t show the clip one time).


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