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Really, I should’ve put money on this….it just seemed to odd to be official!  A couple of years ago, out of nowhere, I noticed that some of the bigger winter storms suddenly had names, like the hurricanes in the late Summer and Fall.

Like I said, I thought, ‘There’s no way The National Weather Service (NWS) would do that for winter storms without letting radio and tv stations know. It’s GOT to be a marketing thing from the Weather Channel or something…”

So….a year went by and I didn’t really pay attention to it.  It seemed that most other news outlets didn’t pay attention to it, either.  Yay!  And then….with this storm we’re having now, that just gave us 4″ here in StL, closed airports in Chicago and is only getting worse and worse and it heads for the New England region, I noticed that several media outlets are, indeed, using the Weather Channel-chosen name for this storm… ‘Hercules’

Just so you know for sure this naming scheme is NOT an official sign of a serious storm from the NWS, I thought this might be helpful:

“The Weather Channel has named today’s developing Nor’easter “Athena.” But the National Weather Service will not recognize this name.

In an official statement, the NWS Eastern Region headquarters has rejected the Weather Channel’s new winter storm naming scheme asking employees not to use the these names in forecasts and statements.”

athena nws Weather Channel is Just Making Up These Storm Names!  Weird!!


athena nws Weather Channel is Just Making Up These Storm Names!  Weird!!



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