Trish’s Trash: Two New Movies in Theaters

Lone Survivor: Based on the bestselling memoir of the same name, Lone Survivor is the story of Operation Red Wings, a 2005 mission to capture or kill a notorious Taliban leader in Afghanistan. Mark Wahlberg, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, and Taylor Kitsch play the four Navy SEALs who must fight for their lives after being ambushed by enemy forces. As the movie’s title gives away, it doesn’t end well for three of them. Rated R.

The Legend of Hercules: Kellen Lutz stars in The Legend of Hercules, a story of the mythic hero’s early days. After Hercules, son of Zeus, is betrayed by his royal stepfather and sold into slavery, he uses his superhuman powers to battle his way back to his rightful kingdom. Once there, he vows to overthrow the king and restore peace to the land. Rated PG-13

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