steph duran

I have been growing my hair out for years….years.  It took me 3 years, but my dark hair was all one length, with bangs.  It was shiny, healthy and hung down past the middle of my back. The challenge, I found, with hair that long, was A.) washing, conditioning and drying it  and B.) keeping it brushed, smooth and out of the way.  So I mostly ended up twisting it into a bun.

Around the end of November, I got the itch to do something wild with my hair.  So I went to my salon, Season’s Spa and Salon in South County and Brandi, my stylist and I talked and I talked her into making my hair have the Ombre effect… which is where it is very, very light on the bottom and then darker as it goes up.    And we were off and running.

Here is the front and back…..finished product!

(Credit: CBS Radio)

(Credit: CBS Radio)

 I Just Had 8 Inches of Ombre Hair Chopped Off...& It Felt GOOOOD!!

(Credit: CBS Radio)

I definitely got lots of compliments at work and from friends.  After all, this was something totally different for me….I’m Hispanic. We generally don’t do blonde well.  😉

By the end of December….I was tired of it.   I know!!!!   That’s so bad, isn’t it???   But, the blonde had really dried out my hair &  it always felt tangled.  Let’s cut it off!  I waited until this week to be sure.  After all…like I said, it took a LOOONG time to grow out, and if I cut off the damaged, dried parts, it was going to be a LOT.

Wanna see the picture of how much was cut off?

Steph's hair (Credit: Steph Duran)

Steph’s hair (Credit: Steph Duran)

Looks like we sacrificed a Yorkie or something, doesn’t it??  That’s a lot…a lot of hair.  Now….for the final product.  It’s not a professional picture…we just grabbed a phone and snapped a picture…

 I Just Had 8 Inches of Ombre Hair Chopped Off...& It Felt GOOOOD!!

Steph Duran’s new haircut (Credit: CBS Radio)

But….WOW!….does it feel better!   It IS a little strange….I’ll admit.   Going to put my hair up at night…nothing there!  But, change is good, yes?  🙂


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