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The night before the  Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics, Bob Costas was on the air, apologizing for his appearance. He was wearing his sexy little glasses, and was saying he had contracted “some sort of minor eye infection” according to the NBC Doctors.  They told Bob “it should resolve itself by the week-end.”  Oh boy.   Those NBC Doctors need to watch ‘House’ or TLC’s ‘Monsters Inside Me’…

That first night, the eye infection, conjunctivitis … better known as pink eye, was bad, but not terrible.  It was distracting for poor Bob, more than anything.  He explained the whole situation on Thursday night to the entire country…at least to everyone who was watching about his eye…and went on with the show.   Needless to say, it didn’t resolve itself, the drops the Dr’s  gave him didn’t keep the infection in just the one eye…it has spread to the other eye…and Bob Costas now looks like…well… it’s beyond description, really.  I’m just going to attach some some pages, mmmmmmkay??

The eyes!!  Thhhheeeeeee  EEEYYYYEEESSSSS!!!!!!

So, now Bob’s eyes have gotten SO bad and SO painful that he cannot do his job.  He can barely see.  His eyes are so sensitive to light and wind and everything is incredibly blurry. He can’t read his teleprompter, no matter how close it is.   Contacts?  Yeah….apparently there’s just no way they’ll stay in his eyes.  It’s official.  For the first time since 1988….Bob Costas is OUT on the Olympics DL…..Matt Lauer has been called up.

Matt Lauer’s Turn at The Show (if we’re continuing with the whole baseball analogy…)


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