American Alpine Skier & Medal Winner Brought To His Knees In Grief By NBC Correspondent

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As of Sunday, Bode Miller, now just about a household name, has won a total of six…SIX Olympic medals.   That is the MOST for any United States skier.   Congratulations, Bode!   That is an almost unimaginable feat…seriously.  Yet, he still went out there and did it. He’s also the oldest alpine skier to win a medal…at 36.  Jeez…36 is OLD?  ok, anyway…

This is also on top of losing his brother,  Chelone, last year.  Chelone died of an apparent seizure…but it was more than just that….

From the NY Daily News:

“An ambitious snowboarder, Chelone Miller suffered seizures that were the grim sequel to a traumatic brain injury he suffered in a 2005 motorcycle accident in the woods near the family’s home in New Hampshire; the episode affected Bode Miller profoundly, underscoring for him the mortal risk his sport demands every time he competes (something he’s never shy discussing with journalists).”

After his final race, and learning he had placed for a bronze medal, NBC correspondent Cristin Cooper came to interview him.  Pretty standard..  But she really pushed the point about Bode’s brother not being there–   that Bode had pointed to the sky before he started his run…and was that significant, and what did it mean, and who was it for, and how much would this have meant to his brother and on and on.  Bode got emotional and finally crumpled to his knees, crying.

So…I have for you a couple of pieces to look over.  From ‘The Sporting News’,  the actual interview, so you can judge for yourself.   Then, from Buzzfeed,  pictures from post-interview, and some of the reaction from the internet (you can guess, I’m sure, the level of anger involved).

By the way… Bode takes a moment out of all this and asked that people please be kind to Cristin Cooper.  That she was just doing her job and it wasn’t her fault.  Wowza.

SportingNews Interview

BuzzFeed Pictures & Story

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