steph duran

As everyone and their cousin has said,   ‘My LORD, has it been a hard winter this year!!!’   Why, yes…yes, it has, everyone and their cousin.  It has been an extremely rough, bitter winter.  The best part?  We have MORE to get through!   YAY!    😦

Seriously, I can’t stand it anymore…the static electricity, shocking myself or, worse, the Labrador every time i touch!   Having to take that deep breath & brace yourself before you open the door & go outside.  The fun surprise of black ice.  The sheer delight of an 8 – 10 inches of snow that doesn’t melt for a few weeks.  Just sits there.  Looking at you.  Mocking you.

Now…. “allegedly” Spring is coming.   At some point in the vague and nebulous “future”.  The sun will come back out for more than a couple of hours at a time, the trees will grow leaves again..(remember leaves…a green, pretty, soft leaf??)…flowers will bloom….bees will hum…MAYBE ( that’s a whole OTHER talk).

Before we get there, though…you guys have GOT TO see this…  The Great Lakes are almost completely frozen over! Almost 90%  And no, that doesn’t just happen all the time….it almost never happens!!

Feast your eyes on the ice!  Feast your ice on what the ice has revealed, as well!!

Great Lakes Nearly 90% Frozen Over!


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