Hunter & Schiff: Remembering St. Louis Hippest Anchormen

Greg Hewitt

Forget the continual “breaking news” updates that have become commonplace in TV news.  These days, especially lately, I find myself missing the cool, calm demeanor of Hunter and Schiff!

You really had to be there.

If you’re a transplant or arrived on the scene anytime after the mid 80’s, you won’t get it.

Steve Schiff and Julius Hunter, who held down the anchor desk at Channel 4, were the undisputed kings of St. Louis local TV news.  Ron Burgundy had nothing on either one of these guys!

They were leisure suit wearing, coffee swilling, doughnut eating, broadcasters.  They gave off a don’t mess with us vibe that must have sent a chill down the spine of any competitor (Patrick Emory, Dick Ford, etc) foolish enough to challenge them in the ratings.

They also looked like extras from the cast of Saturday Night Fever.  No one rocked the polyester 3-piece suit quite like Schiff and Hunter did back in the 70’s.

And like Will Ferrell’s Anchorman, they were joined by a cast of characters that you had to see to believe.

Former Big-Red backup quarterback, Tim Van Galder was the sports guy, the weatherman (no meteorologists  allowed) was the affable Ollie Raymond and Herb Humphries, a large Cadillac De Ville of a man, was the reporter who reported….night side!

Can you imagine how these two would deal with twitter trolls?

They wouldn’t stand a chance.

(BTW, The best part is at :20 when he’s juggling two phones at once…Steve worked his news sources hard!)

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