Telling me you love me after a week you still don’t know after a week

I ignored the fact that his grown kids ran his life… did not end well.

she doesnt let it go

When you find out he’s bipolar and he wont stay on his meds…

Won’t say he loves me after a year, even after I said it.

1st date for dinner. He wore ball cap , tee shirt No we weren’t going to McDonald’s!! Oh and I forgot the rose and diamonds and a microwave. Toooo much

Blind date: he was wearing matching sweat suit . No more blind dates after that one

Phone calls and text messages are great at first. But become excessive first thing in the morning, on your way to work, during lunch, on the way home from work, when you get home from work and before bed (and dozens of text messages throughout the day). For someone who’s not a phone person, it gets old quickly.

I dated him for 6 months and didn’t know his correct last name…. until we were moving in together. He lied for 6 months!! I even introduced him as so-and-so to everyone I knew. Lol

My husband of over 17 years spilled red kool-aid on my white dress the first time I had dinner at his family’s house. You’re not the only one Vic, although your drink was much more sophisticated.

On one of my first dates there was only one plate bought and we had to share it

My red flag is when he brought up stuff about me that happened in 2011. Yes on Fb but still.

I live by the airport, I met someone who said they live north of downtown, we went to dinner by the arch and come to find out he lived in Hannibal.

He showed up for a Sunday date at noon smelling like beer.

I dated someone (we went out twice) who told me his name was Eli come to find out his real name was (edit:something else and not even close) and Eli was his “party” name.


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