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steph duran

I have always, always been a fan of Dr. Drew.  No matter what show he’s done….’Loveline’…VH1 ‘Celebrity Rehab’… did you know Dr. Drew is part of the group responsible for the DROP in teen pregnancy rates????   He is, because he helped develop “16 and Pregnant” and then “Teen Mom”  (and then, of course, “Teen Mom 2”).  All of which I am hopelessly addicted to watching…any time any of them are on.

Always believed that Dr. Drew is, even though he’s a bit of a HAM and loves a camera, a good person.  He is a doctor, who is trying to save people from themselves.  From bad decisions, from destructive decisions, from deadly habits and soul-killing, family-killing, career-killing substances when abused.  And Dr. Drew’s patients ARE abusing them.  Like it’s going out of style…which, sadly, it’s not.

That brings me to my point.  On ‘Loveline’ , a caller on the show had an On-Air question for Dr. Drew.  He said his fiancee was suffering from cystitis, lactose intolerance and endometriosis.  Neither of the three are any fun to deal with.

But Dr. Drew said that endometriosis is “a Garbage-Bag disorder”, one where when doctors don’t know exactly WHAT is going on, and they need a convenient label…..BOOM.   Worse, Dr. Drew then suggested it was because this woman had been sexually molested when she was young (which she had)…

‘The only way her body, which was suffering during those early experiences, can tell its tale of woe is with pain,’ he says, describing the ‘unexplained’ discomfort as ‘somatoform dissociation’. ‘She really needs to see a trauma specialist, not a urologist. Know what I’m saying?’

THAT made me NUTS!!!    I’ve had endometriosis since I was about 23.  So badly, that I had to have a complete hysterectomy at 27, after SIX different surgeries trying to get rid of it.  So badly, that to this day, I still have pretty crippling pain from both adhesions and scar tissue.  And it is NOT in my head.

Here is the full story-


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