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My children’s dad and I decided to try again. I became pregnant with our fifth child. The night before valentines day, I got a text that he couldn’t do it and needed time

Was dating a guy until I opened the paper one morning and saw his engagement announcement.

I moved back in with my ex-wife.

By a text we’ve grown apart time to move on and move out

My ex husband called my boss and had her tell me he moved out.

Dumped someone during a karaoke song while with all of our friends. Btw we were doing a duet. The song was “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” by BSB. Hahahaha

Had my mother dump him for me.

We were dating for a year and he said he was going camping with his dad for the weekend. I didn’t think nothing of it. I get text messages phone calls from my sister and friends asking if we broke up. I said no they told me to look on Facebook. And there he was kissing and girl and putting up pictures with this girl.

I’m a RN I told him his ex girlfriend came into my clinic and tested positive for a disease and I didn’t want everyone exposed. Not true but rumor was they were messing around

I dated this British guy for six months He went home for two weeks because he hadn’t been there in two years. Came back a week later met me on my business trip and told me that he was engaged. To a girl in Britain!

Dumped a guy after he asked me to marry him on his birthday….he said how can you do this on my bday…I said its just another day( his exact words after he blew my birthday off)

Moved out. No note no call, no nothing

My brother was dumped via a restraining order served to him at work from his wife. Mari

I was dumped with a dear john letter at work delivered by his best friend

Caught boyfriend cheating so helped him move out by removing his clothes to yard and threw one shoe of each pair he owned away He was out with her the night I found out. Oh well

Dating a guy for 6 months. He shows up FOR A DATE wearing a Wedding Ring!

We were engaged & had bought a house together. Came home from work one day to an empty house. He left me 1 lamp, 1 chair, my bed & kitchen table.

Went to funeral to bury a friend of mine, came home and my husband had moved out!
Moved out on his birthday

At my best friend’s wedding I caught the bouquet. So, I’m standing in the middle of the dance floor & my bf announces that he can’t handle this pressure and leaves. I had to find a ride home.


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