Greg HewittBy Greg Hewitt

According to a recent article on, it all depends on the current popularity of  your name and whether it’s trending up or down over the next quarter century.

So how do you know?

First, check out this article.  It’s a fun read, and potentially helpful if you think you might be having kids anytime soon.

Second, enter your name into Time’s  “Baby Name Predictor” and find out whether the arrow is pointing up or down.

I did it, and the news isn’t promising.

“Gregory last peaked in 1962 . It will decline as a baby name every year from now through 2030.”

Now there’s a morale builder!  Sounds like the next step is extinction!

I suppose it’ really isn’t that surprising though.  Seriously, the last child I’ve met with the name Gregory was when I was in grade school!

But then again, names like Fred, George, Carol and Linda were still fairly common back then as well.

These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a parent with one of these names, much less a child.

They’re among the many first names relegated to the “oldies” file;  replaced with classrooms full of Noah’s, Ethan’s Emily’s and Ava’s. (all fine names by the way.)

So is any of this important in the big picture?

Maybe. There’s ample research which suggests that your first name, or more importantly, being saddled with an odd first name, does play a role in shaping your future.

So have at it!  Enter your name HERE and let the second guessing of your parents begin!





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