What’s Bothering You Today…


My pet peeve is when people can’t change the toilet paper even though the spare roll us within arm’s reach

Folks allowing their children to shirk their responsibilities and simply saying the child “…can’t help it. He does have ADD/ADHD.” (I’ve had it since before they had a name for it. I got all my work done and turned out…okay.)

Folks who talk on their cell phones while doing their business in the restroom stall!!

An unprofessional boss

When you’re telling someone something and they just say “I hear ya”

People who say they are going to do something then don’t

Children, or adults, actively “sniffing” instead of just blowing their nose.

People attempting to outrun the ambulance, instead of pulling over . Its also illegal people!

Anyone not washing their hands after using the restroom or blowing their nose.

People who do not know how to drive they must have learned in a crackerjack box

Being in public on the phone while ignoring your child .

People who tap you CONSTANTLY to get your attention when you’re busy

Wearing pajamas in public.

Facebook photos of someone’s dinner. Seriously! I don’t care!

People who stress about their grades when they have the highsest percent in the class

People who drive riight on ur butt in the slow lane on the highway when ur traveling @ 55 mph and then have words 4 u as they whip around u in the open passing lane. Aarrgh!

Patients who continue to talk or text on the phone while trying to take vitals or update their medical history. Also talking on their cell in the waiting room.

Biggest workplace pet peeve-People in upper mgt who use poor grammar or cannot spell!

People who smile in face and then stab you in back!!!!

People who do not read emails or respond.

Stupid people who don’t use their signals.

Socks with sandals.

When your coworker takes the last cup of coffee and doesn’t make another pot

Pet peeve: people who wear black and brown and people who don’t put the lid down on the toliet…Toliet water is not pretty

Looooong winded people. (When something could be said in a quick sentence) 🙂

I am a cashier and my pet peeve is when someone is paying while talking on the cell phone

When people say ATM machine. Mari


Ppl who post on fb a big dramatic vague headline but don’t explain and when asked they say oh nothing I’m fine

My pet peeve today is slow drivers because I’m running late and every light has been red!


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