TAKE THE QUIZ: Find Out What Your Name Says About Your Love Life

Greg Hewitt

I realize there really is ZERO scientific evidence to back up any “results”, but these polls are harmless and (in this case anyway) actually pretty funny.

It’ll only take you a minute.

Answer four simple questions:


What is the first letter of your first name?

How many letters are in your first name?

How many letters are in your last name?

Do you have a middle name?


That’s it.


Just to give you an example, here’s what it says about my love life.  (Editors Note: I’ve been happily married for 14 years.)


“You will end up with someone who can sing really well.”  (Ummm…well, I believe the judicial issue of “self-incrimination” applies here.  PASS!”)

“Before being married, you had an affair with a pro athlete.”  (I will admit to a tiny crush on Chrissy Evert back in the day, but a big NO!)

“You will have seven children”  (SEVEN?  Three is enough for us.   I think not….)

“You and your lover will raise them on a farm”  (First, I would never use the term “lover”.  Ever.  Are we clear?  And me on a farm?  Please….)

“One of them will be a supermodel”   (Well, our oldest is 8 so it’s too early to say.  If I have a say in it though, I’d prefer “scientist” or “teacher”.)

“The rest will look average”  (HA!!! Historically wrong!)


Interested in finding out what your name says about your love life?






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