steph duran

So, sorry….I do mean ‘conscious uncoupling.’

It seems that Chris Martin, soon to be uncoupled-husband, lead singer of Coldplay and father of Apple and Moses, is taking on his single parenting duties and doing things his own way, thank you very much!

We all know that Ms. Paltrow has her own lifestyle website, , it’s quite the thing to behold… takes MY breath away…simply because of the cost of everything she sells…and the rather high-handed tone she tends to have about her diet and a lot of vehhhry vehhhry fancy recipes.

She’s been vocal, on goop and in interviews, about not letting her kids have any fast food….or any food like chicken nuggets, french fries, soda, etc.  Now, don’t get me wrong, please….I’m raising two gorgeous, smart, hungry kids…and it’s hard to get them to eat healthy all the time.  But you do it, because that’s your job, as a parent.  BUT, they are not going to explode….your world is not going to end if you let them have french fries, pizza….or if, heaven forbid, they have a soda once in a while.

I think Gwyneth Paltrow may be learning this the hard way.  The REALLY hard way.

Here’s the details…..

Chris Martin Be Feedin’ His Kids!   🙂


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