What Is It People Do At Your Job That Drive You Crazy…


Clip their nails

When a coworker has a very loud personal conversation so that all can hear!

Ask you to do something because they’re too lazy to do it themselves!!

Folks taking “long lunches” and coming back smelling like a bar.

When the Secretary thinks she is sneaking the extra office food out of the school.

Call in sick at last minute

Mechanics showing up to work drunk. Then wondering why I: 1)don’t let them clock in 2) send them home.

When coworkers complain about all their work to do and spends all day gossiping on their phone instead of working!

Everyone, except me, seems to use the facilities and NOT wash their hands after. (Without using the hand soap, even having a hand towel out, and the sink is still dry. can anyone else tell me they washed?)

Leave trash on counters

Slow and don’t do their job to the fullest so I do their job as well as mine

Asking to go to the medical department, because they need immediate attention; only to watch them stop and talk to everyone along the way there AND back.

People that don’t push in there chair in break room

Lack of common sense.

We have this one guy that constantly and I mean constantly complains about anything and everything. Grrrrr

Taking the parts off the shelves, like to match one up for a customer, then not putting them back.

When they on a Web cast & have the volume up instead of using head phones

A certain employee spending HOURS of the shift “using the restroom”. If you need to text your girlfriend, just stay home and TALK to her– before you start your NEW job somewhere else

Jamming the copier and expecting you to fix it

People who watch videos, play games, and read books on their phones.

Gossip it’s like being back in rj high school again

Jam the copier/ run it completely out of paper and walk away

People that think they need to know every personal thing about you…just leave it as a working relationship.

Coworkers that tell you that your sooo good at at task because they think it will make u want to do their task more. I’m not 4 and that doesn’t work on me

When someone calls you right after they send you an email to check to see if you got their email

People that leave their trash next to the trash can and don’t put it in the trash can!

Blame me for EVERYTHING because I’m the lowest on the totem pole. It gets real old.

Microwave really stinky food and eat it at their desk

Hate when they don’t clean off their table in the break room. Leaving napkins and crumbs! Gross

Drinking or eating another’s labeled food/drink in refrigerator!!!!

People who have time to paint their nails with three coats of paint, shop on line, but complain that they are so far behind with their work.

What makes me angry at work is when you are in a cubical situation without much privacy and this person listens to all your phone calls (business and personal) and has the nerve to comment on most of them when it’s none of their business.

I can’t stand it when people say “that’s not my job”

Whistling all day

Sneezing as loud as they can

Clipping your finger nails.

I can’t stand people that I have seniority over and they tell me how to do my job -_-

People who talk or answer their phone in the library at school!

Burping at work drives me nuts it’s disgusting

Playing on facebook or gaming it 3/4 of the day while your slammed….grrrrrrr

Talking to themselves, or continually clicking their ink pen

When my co worker that sits in the cube next to me eats crunchy foods…. it sounds like she’s trying to gnaw through sheet metal. Drives me insane!

People have time for their phone or a break room, but don’t have time to do their job

Clip their finger nails Sniff –blow your freaking nose!! Talk to your bill collectors Spray hairspray. Yeah I sit by a real winner…in a Fortune 500 company I might add

Work issues. I have 2 1. Leaving one piece of toilet paper on the roll. 2. Leaving just a little bit of coffee in the coffee pot

I work with someone who bathes in cologne. He goes home at lunch and reapplies

I work with a lady that trims her chin hair at her desk with her office scissors. I win. Blah.

I work with someone that has boundary and hygiene issues. If I can smell what you had for lunch yesterday, you need to back up and brush your teeth!

I work with someone that cuts her oranges in quarters, and sucks the orange from the peel. While she is making loud sucking sounds, she grunts the entire time It sounds like a porn film. Mngmt. Has spoken to her several times, and it gets better for awhile.

Coworker talks at the top of her lungs on the phone… to family and friends, leaves the radio on the and then leaves her desk, asks same questions over

I have people on each side of me that constantly pops/cracks their gum. Others that have earphones in and sing. They think they can’t be heard, but, yes, they can. Also, whistling.


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