Text Topic: What words do you say wrong…


Ideal instead of idea

Literally and aluminum


For all intensive purposes. (For all intents and purposes.)

Zinc instead of sink

Unlesson instead of unless

Toirlet instead of toilet

Flustrated instead of frustrated.

My mother used to say “zinc” instead of “sink”. And “Chester Drawers” instead of ” chest of drawers”. Rest her beautiful soul.

My ex would say its raiging Instead of raining

Husband says zinc instead of sink. Mari

A handful of people including ahem Trish pronounce “TOUR” as “tore” rather than “too-er”. Does anyone know which pronunciation is correct?

Called one of sales acct to speak with my manager: When phone was answered I asked if I could SLEEP WITH Mr. ….. Instead of may I SPEAK WITH Mr …..response from person answering phone : if u want to that’s your business not mine!!!

Nuclear is often pronounced nukular. Awful!!



Where is the r in. Wash?

My great aunt used to say thrash instead of trash

Axe instead of ask

Intrest instead of interest

My daughter says fruneral instead of funeral. My mom says breaksfast and valcro big emphasis on “al” lol

Spaghetti. My sister would say Bascetti…lol

Hi trish. See ya at the game! . Gravois (gravoius southside) really . Grav wah! In the original french


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