#TBT Text Topic: Things you remember from when you were little…….


Playing hacky sack during school recess

Kodak instamatic 124 camera. You could even drop them, pop them back together and keep going.

Toni perms..ovaltine…

Pink princess phone

8 track tapes. Just I grew up in Lake of the Woods subdivision also in the 80’s


Being outside and safe 😦

Velvet fteeze ice cream

I remember click clacks ( glass balls attached by a string ) good to hear you guys john from red bud

We used to play foursquare and bottlecap ball

Penny loafers With dimes in them so you had enough money for a payphone

Mimeograph machine. Mari


Monster Mash and Squeezit

Jordache jeans

Atari…is something I wasn’t able to afford. But we had Fairchild instead. 3 built in games: hockey, tennis and pong.

Cards in the spokes of my bicycle

Mimeographs & Wishnik ska troll dolls

Ni-Hi grape and orange soda in bottles from Pop-in-Hearts where we got our milk.

Red Rover Red Rover send Dotty right over.

Fizzies-tablets you added to water for flavoring

Creepy crawlers and the Flowers (melting rubber in metal plates)

Bonne Bell lip gloss


Jacks, chinese jump rope & bubs daddy gum

Pogo balls

Rotary phones

45 records

I loved my lite brite

Tight roll pants

Ben Franklins 5 and dime

Whamo scooters, tale spin action figures


110 cameras with built in flash.

Pogs and slammers

Fashion plates! And i really wish i didn’t have to work at 7 everyday, i would love to stop by for goo goo doll tickets

Cruising Festus Main St.

We had a party line on our phone growing up. I am one of 5 sisters. Felt sorry for the folks that had to share the phone line with us…

The Snoopy Sno Cone Machine.

Homemade go carts

Vivitar pocket cameras.

They do still make the lite brite but they aren’t the same as when we were kids & they’re kind of hard to find

Foot-operated dimmer switches for car headlights

Strawberry Shortcake

Cookie Crook and Cookie Cop–from Cookie Crisp advertising.

Make it and bake it oven

Long drives on the weekend, just to explore.

Dawning of Vel-Cro closures for: tennis shoes, jackets, wallets, purses, etc.

I also loved my polly pockets

Is anyone out there (besides me) old enough to remember the Jingle Jump? I loved that thing as a kid…

Captain Kangaroo

Mr Whipple for Charmin

“Where’s the beef?” Wendy’s

Inspector 12. Haynes

Crash Bandicoot on PlayStation 1

Pound puppies

Cabbage patch kids 1st time around

HamBurglar –McDs ads

Howdy Doody

Schmidt Brothers Bakery on S Grand!


Romper Room with Miss Lois

Fraggle Rock and my tin Fraggle Rock lunchbox. Love that theme song!!


Amos and Andy


Puffs lumps

the show Dallas and now its back

Tab soda and Prell shampoo. I also don’t use anti-perspirant it is known to cause breast cancer and I am survivor

I used to love the tv show ZOOM. For a while there I only wore striped shirts because that’s what they wore and learned what SASE meant.

The smell of sheets, right off the clothesline outside

gee your hair smells terrific shampoo

Color forms and click clacks

Rainbow Bright


Puff the magic dragon

Watched captain kangaroo. Tab still around by private collectors, go figure.

The fuzzy pumper pay dough set and the cow that you put a pill in water to make it look like milk, put the cow’s head in the water trough and pumped its tail to make it drink and when it was full the head popped up and it mooed, then you could milk it. Finally riding backwards in the way back of the station wagon.

Miss . Francis was on local tv prior to ms. Lois on romper room. In the mid 1950s. N texas bruce was a cowboy cartoon host. Sponsored by . Whistle orange soda. Max

Had a Mattel Sonic Blaster Bazooka in 1966 (shot compressed air with a 53 decibel sound level – soon band due to eye/ear damage). Saw 1 on eBay for $1500 new


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